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Child Trust Fund (CTF) Charges Questions and Answers


Q.  What are the annual costs of a non-stakeholder CTF?

A.  The annual custody charge for your Pilling CTF is 0.5% of the value with a minimum of only £20 and a maximum of £70.  

Q.  What are the standard dealing charges for a non-stakeholder CTF?

A.  With a minimum of only £10, our commission per deal is 1.65% of the first £10,000 value and 0.5% thereafter on any excess. We must charge you Government stamp duty at 0.5% of the value when buying UK shares, preference stocks and convertibles. 

Q.   Are there any extra charges on overseas securities?

A.  Whenever possible we trade and hold overseas securities through Crest and although the handling costs are higher than UK securities, Pilling & Co absorb the fees and no extra charge is made.

However, if you choose an investment which cannot be traded or held via Crest and a third party has to be used, the cost incurred will be passed on to you. Although most overseas transactions can be accommodated within our commission rates, please enquire at time of dealing as additional charges may be applicable.


Q.  What are the annual costs of a stakeholder CTF?

A.  The annual cost for the stakeholder CTF is a maximum of 1.5% of the value per annum. This is charged within the fund the CTF is invested in and will not show on your Pilling  statement.

Q. What are the dealing charges for a stakeholder CTF?

A.   No commission is charged on the purchase in the stakeholder CTF as we are paid commission by the managers out of their initial charge. There is no commission charged when sales are made to switch funds under the discretionary agreement. Sales to facilitate a transfer to another provider will be charged at our normal rate of 1.65% on the first £10,000 and 0.5% thereafter with a minimum of £10. 

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